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The Pregnancy Timeline - What to Expect in Different Stages of Pregnancy?
Being a mother is a wonderful feeling and a real challenging period for first-time moms who become overtly anxious to know about the changes that is going to take place in her body for the next nine months. Not many women known that it is actually impossible to detect a new mom during the first trimester as she will not show much expect the glow and the smile which she will find hard to suppress. But the fetus undergoes several changes during the 40 weeks of pregnancy although majority of these will be virtually impossible to the naked eye. This article will give you a month by month guide on the different stages of development during a pregnancy.

The majority of the women will undergo a pregnancy test only when they have missed their a period. Now this can take up to 4 weeks and by this time a lot of hormonal changes have already taken place inside the body. The uterus will start supporting the growth of the placenta and the embryo soon after the conception. The woman may experience all or a few of the following symptoms - morning sickness, repeated needs to go to the toilet, tenderness of the breasts and becoming sensitive to tastes and smell. One may click here to check out what really happens when you are pregnant for 4 weeks or so.

MONTH 2 & 3

Significant changes start taking place in the 2nd and 3rd month of pregnancy. Towards the end of the 2nd month, the heart should have developed in the fetus along with webbed fingers. The gender of the baby can be determined at this point. The bones of the fetus will start to harden and the external sex organs will start developing from the end of the 3rd month. In order to know the exact changes that your body will go through this period, you can always check pregnancy development details online.

MONTH 4 & 5

The fetus grows to about 6.5 inches in the initial stages of the 2nd trimester and the doctor will let the mother hear the heartbeat of her baby through a machine called Doppler. In the 5th month the fetus gets covered in a white colored coating to protect the skin from prolonged exposure to amniotic fluid. This coating is shed just before birth.


Now as the day progresses the fetus continue to grow steadily. The skin is now pink in color and the finger and toe nails begin to develop during this time. The would-be mother may find that her feet and ankles have swollen as the body desperately retains fluid to nourish both the mother and the fetus. The mother may experience an increased appetite as the fetus needs more nutrients for its growth.

MONTHS 7 to 9

The final countdown has now begun and the final changes to the fetus will gradually take place now. The eyes will open, the fetus will become sensitive to the light and breathing will be practiced. This trimester is very very challenging for the woman as a lot of changes take place inside her body. Shortness of breath is a very common symptom and the tiredness increases manifold. A woman may also get diagnosed with varicose veins or hemorrhoids in the last trimester of pregnancy. When the final day arrives in the 9th month, the new mother will understandably feel very anxious as she is carried to the labor room (or Operation Theater in case of C sections )However, all these will vanish into thin air as the mother happily clutch into her little bundle of joy soon after the delivery. 

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